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 March 7    Lion Reves program - Ramona Sawyer school program.
 March 14    Lion Ponder program

 March 21  No meeting due to school spring break    
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Do you live in the Crossett area? Would you like a way to make new friends and, at the same time, serve your fellow man?  Come check out the Crossett Lions club.  We have a lot of fun as we help the needy of our community and our state.  Informative guest speakers keep us abreast of the latest news and happenings in our world.  Contact any Lion member.


The Crossett Lions Club supports the following organizations and activities:


Arkansas Eyebank and Laboratory - Little Rock

 Lions World Services for the Blind-                  Little Rock

Boy Scouts Midsouth Sight and Hearing-Memphis
Boys and Girls State Project Graduation-Crossett
Eyeglasses for the needy Crossett School Advanced Placement Program
Go Fish youth activity Special Project Fund
Lions Club International Foundation  
Lions Pavilion Lights-Crossett City Park  
Lions Crossett School Scholarship  
Lions Club International Foundation  




October 29, 2008 The Crossett Lions Club volunteered to refinish the Crossett Boy Scout Hut.  Much scraping was done to remove old loose paint, followed up by the application of high quality primer and top coat paint.  A very nice door was donated and installed, as well as some replacement of deteriorated boards.  It really looks great.  Go by and see it!!!!! 





     Papa Leo is our guiding light


       Feb 1, 2010 Barbara Cantley spoke to us about her work at the Generations facility in Crossett, AR.  She explained to us that they have in-house client care, and in addition they have an out-patient care program.  She told us some of her many wonderful experiences working with the out-patients as she converses with them to provide mental stimulation and social interaction for them.   She uses stimulants such as: memories of actors, friends, movies; identify a song from just the first word, or key words from commercials.   Or she might ask questions like: what name would have liked to have had?, or what job would you have liked to have had?  Also they laugh and sing; both of which release soothing serotonin into the body.

      Allison Schwarz            

Feb. 8, 2010   Ms. Jan Sellers, Gifted and Talented Program teacher at Norman School in Crossett, brought four of her 5th grade gifted and talented students; Allison Schwartz, Gracie Collins, Anna Beth Gulledge, and CeCe Cooks; to demonstrated the research projects they had completed about the states of Tennessee, Hawaii, New York, Virginia.  Each of the four impressive projects included a story board that highlighted important facts, pictures and souvenirs about their chosen  state.  Each student also had a research booklet that included map information and interesting details from each state.  These were examples of the excellent academic efforts being made by the students and Ms. Jan Sellers  in the Crossett Junior High Gifted and Talented Program.

     August 9, 2010:  County Judge Emery Austin spoke to our meeting today.  He told us that the county received nothing of the recent federal stimulus money; all of Arkansas’s share went to state agencies.

He told us the county is in very good shape economically, and stays within.  $85,000 was recently spent on Bartholomew flood repair of a bridge.  The county maintains 1500 miles of roads with a budget of $4,200,000.

               The landfill is functioning very well.  Facilities have been placed there for recycling of cardboard, paper and wood pallets.  There is room in the current cell for 15 more years of use, and more cells can be developed, if ever needed.  Prisoners work at the landfill on the weekends.

               The county’s contract of $365,000 per year with the company “Get Rid of It” will soon expire.  Bids will be taken for this service, or most likely is that the county will take control of the service.

      2010 Sep 13.  Lynn Rodgers and Cherub Alford of the Crossett Economic Development Foundation spoke to us about the current Revamp Crossett program.  Under the Revamp Crossett program a 50% matching grant, maximum grant of $2,500, can be given to Crossett businesses and non-profit organizations to help with the cost of exterior renovation.  Projects include doors, pavement, awnings, lighting etc.  At this time, 17 businesses in Crossett are taking advantage of these grants.  The improvements of the 17 projects total $197,825, of which the Revamp Crossett grants total $34,930.64.  The Revamp Crossett grants are funded by a local sales tax.

       Sept 27, 2010  Lioness Goodwin brought Dr. Janice Warren, Crossett School Superintendent – Veronica Robinson, Crossett Elementary (grades pre-K thru 4) principal -  and Lou Gregorio, Crossett Middle School (grades 5 thru 8) principal to inform us about some of the activities in the elementary grades.

Ms. Robinson is administering an “Achieving School” with personal attention having heavy emphasis on comprehensive reading.  Vocabulary and comprehension are key elements.  Also parental participation will be emphasized in three upcoming events – The parent/teacher meeting the end of October and a Literacy Night yet to be scheduled.  The new Wellness Center is up and going, and will be show cased during the upcoming “Parental Involvement Week”.

               Mr. Gregorio Is administering the 2nd year of an academic improvement program for the Crossett Middle School.  Special emphasis is being placed on how to get each student in the class personally involved in the learning process.  He too is promoting parental participation through CAPS (parent/teacher organization).  Last year CAPS had 13 members, this year it has 78 members and is growing.  He has vast experience in other localities for comparison, and says that Crossett has great facilities and resources.



2010, October 2 - The Crossett Lions Club sponsored its annual Go Fish Project.  56 Children from the ages of kindergarten through 5th grade came to the Crossett City Park to catch catfish and bream from Lucas Pond.  400 pounds of catfish were supplied and released in Lucas Pond by The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for the event.  The Crossett Lions Club provided fishing poles, hooks, sinkers and bobbers.  Sport About helped supply red worms for bait.  The CHS Future Farmers of America Club and Lions members assisted the children by baiting hooks, untangling lines and removing fish from hooks.  A drawing was done for door prizes, and any child wishing to keep and take home his or her cane pole was allowed to do so. Hotdogs and chips were available for purchase.  The weather was ideal, the catch rate was medium but of good size fish and we look forward to doing it again next year.

      2010 October 4  Crossett City Council member Wilburn Austin spoke to us about some of the needs to maintain and improve the city of Crossett.  In his opinion, more citizen involvement is needed at the monthly city council meetings and with the school administration.  Other areas of interest, on which he elaborated are: Improvement of  the “Curb Appeal” of Crossett through clean up and maintenance,  more activities for young and old people, help for businesses thinking of moving here, promotion of our tourism sites, discipline and parental support in the school system and to follow God’s lead in all of these matters.



2010 Nov 1 – For today’s program, Lion Donald Flentroy brought Christie Newton Lindsey of the Phoenix Youth and Family Services, Inc. to speak to us.  The Crossett, Arkansas founded and based organization has 8 programs and 11 service centers located in 5 southeastern Arkansas counties.  They service some 2000 young people.  Phoenix  is a social, economic and community development organization whose primary mission is to create opportunities for rural and impoverished residents of Southeast Arkansas.  Their motto is “Changing communities by supporting families”.


2010 Dec 6  The Crossett Lions Club celebrated their annual Christmas meeting.  We enjoyed a buffet of ham, beef ribs, dressing, cranberry sauce, custard and other foods of the season.  Our entertainment was Hick & Stick, sometimes known as Damon Dean and Scott Sasser.  They sang us some Hee Haw songs and we sang along to some of their Christmas numbers.

               Lions brought gifts to be donated to the Crossett Junior Auxiliary’s Angel Tree Project.  The gifts will be donated to needy children in the Crossett area.


2010 Dec 12  The Crossett Lions are sad to say that today we lost Lion Bert Jordan.  Lion Bert died after a long life of engineering for Georgia Pacific, community service to Crossett, Methodist Church service to the Lord, and over 50 years of dedicated service to the Crossett Lions Club.  Lion Bert is missed by all whose lives he touched along the way.


2011 – Jan 3  Lion Billy Bell presented the program today.  He spoke and showed slides of his tour of the Gibson Guitar Company factory in Bozeman, Montana, where Gibson Acoustic guitars are made.  He told us of the at least 7 different species of wood used for specific parts of the instrument in the 2 month long process to make a guitar.  The factory makes about 55 guitars per day.  He then showed us his new J200EC cut away Gibson guitar, and entertained us with 3 songs.  Thank you Lion Billy.


2011, January 24  Lion J.L. Jeffers invited Mr. Mike Smith to speak to us.  Mike head up the Crossett Economic Development Foundation, and was chosen last year as  the Crossett Lions Club person of the year.

•Georgia Pacific has good momentum built up for installing a $275 million +/- installation to the Crossett paper mill.  The project will provide 40 – 60 new jobs and secure the 1,300 present jobs, plus other present jobs in the supporting industries.

                •The Foundation has arranged for $100,000 to be provided to Forest Echos Vocational School.  This money along with other moneys from other sources will be used to install new technical training equipment.  The technical training will enhance skills needed for the new technology being introduced in to the Crossett Paper Mill and other local industries.

                •AREZ International has plans in motion to build a new plant in Crossett.  120 – 160 new jobs at $17.50/hour plus benefits entry level wages will be the result.  The new plant may start up in December 2011.  The will use tall oil supplied by the Georgia Pacific Chemical Tall Oil plant to make basic binders for the ink industry.

                •In 2010 the Development Foundation has provide the local improvement program “Revamp Crossett”  with $35,000 to improve the exterior appearance of 17 Crossett businesses.  The businesses invested $197,000 for a total of $232,000 improvement to the community.

                •In the last 10 months, the number of Crossett area jobs has increased from 8,425 to 8,700 and the unemployment rate has dropped 1.6% to a current 9.5%.


2011_Feb 7  Lioness Carolyn Barnett brought Linda Burchfield and Cheryl Montgomery to speak to us.

 Ms. Burchfield is a member of the Crossett Port Authority along with other members Dan Pevy, Scott Campbell and chairman Paul Langley.   The Crossett Port Authority administers Crossett’s marina, 119 campsite RV park, 2 pavilions,  25 table picnic area, boat ramp and a warehouse (vacant). 

Ms. Montgomery and her husband Terry are the on-site managers of these facilities.  Since taking the job in the spring of 2010, the Montgomerys have made great progress in cleaning up the area.  They have also created a “Welcome Guest” environment and attendance is increasing in the RV park.  In the near future, grant money will be used to reroof the bath houses.  Future plans include a new building for washers, dryers and propane bottle exchange; also play ground equipment.

Camping rates are $16 per night, $10 for seniors per night or $275 per month.  Pavilion rates are $30.

2011, Feb 28:  Lion Dee Smith had Captain Todd Calloway of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission speak to us.  Todd has 27 years with the commission, 25 ½ in the field and 1 ½ in administration.  He now oversees 6 counties and 12 officers.  He told us:

Deer season: 190,000 kills in Arkansas this year.  5,200 in Ashley County.

Turkey season: Will run from April 16 through May 3.  Last year 100 turkeys were killed in Ashley County.

Duck season: The hunt was much better in the Felsenthal Wildlife refuge than in surrounding areas.  Hunters came here from far and wide.

Fishing season:  The vegetation is being controlled very well in Felsenthal due to the introduction of grass carp, last year’s high water and cold weather.  Crappie catching reports are very good right now.


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